We deliver great and seamless HR to companies with less than 50 employees while transforming the HR Outsourcing industry.
Are you aware that if your company has 49 or less employees. There are Federal laws that you must follow depending on the number of employees in your company? *

Do you know that having an Employee Handbook will help to avoid discrimination lawsuits? While outlining expectations and helping to create open lines of communication? *

Do you know that an employee handbook will also help to set and meet employee expectations? While also showing that you treat employees consistently. It will also introduce your employees to the company’s culture, mission and values.

Do you know that HR policies can effectively deal with any employee and/or workplace challenges both fairly and consistently? *

Do you know that HR policies are a method for you to comply with your obligations to be fair and consistent while dealing with any employee and/or workplace challenges? HR policies can help you comply with your legal obligations under labor legislation. *

Are your job descriptions up to date and are they written in compliance with all laws? Such as the Equal Pay Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, (FLSA) and Title Vll of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 among a few. *

Are you paying your employees too little or too much based on the current labor market?

Are you aware that paying your employees incorrectly can negatively impact your company's retention and recruitment strategy? *

If you answered no to any of these questions. You may need help with your HR. Let us at cavnessHR (www.cavnessHR.com) take care of your HR for you. 

We will provide you your HR laws, Employee Handbook and HR policies at no cost to you. If after this you believe we have provided value to your company. We can then discuss how we can provide you an HR solution that is not cost averse. 

Contact us at jasoncavness@cavnessHR to discuss what solutions we can offer you.

Our email is jasoncavness@cavnessHR.com.
Our website is www.cavnessHR.com. Our phone number is 253-341-9319.
Let us take care of your HR for you. So you can build your business and focus on your customers.

Or just contact us for any HR questions.

We are on most social media platforms under cavnessHR.

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